Aviation English Club Courses

A Single, Flight Deck Course

- Courses can be purchased per course or as a set.

- There are three courses : Basic, Advanced & Pro

- Payments can be made safely and securely via PayPal for the Advanced and Pro courses.

- Payments can also be made by Direct Bank Deposit (Japan only).

How do I start my FREE introductory course?

To start the Flight Deck (Basic) course all you need to do is contact Aviation English Club and we will enrol you Free of Charge.

There are no application fees and we do not require you to provide a credit card number.

All you need to do is contact us with a valid email address and start the course.

- No lock in contracts

- No enrolment fees to pay

- No expensive text books or CD's to buy

- Flexible class timetables and study hours

- Your first course is absolutely free.

Who should participate in an

Aviation English Club Language Course?

The course will be beneficial towards:

          - Operational international pilots

          - Abinitio (trainee) Pilots

          - Pilot instructors

          - Air Traffic Controllers / Ramp Controllers

          - Airline safety inspectors and managers

          - Senior aircraft maintenance engineers

If you think you may need some assitance with your english, then why not contact us.