Suhendra Lesmono, Indonesian - Maintenance Engineer

"Studying with Aviation English Club was really convenient and easy. And it saved me a lot of money too because I didn't have to pay for expensive books and CD's. The best part was the program. The teachers are really good and the extra homework was fun to do on the internet. Sometimes hard though."

Alejandro Martínez, Spanish - Trainee ATC

"I found the course to be very flexible with my time, which was great because I have to work shift work. So it was really good that I could just book a time with a teacher and not have to always have a class at the same time every day or every week."

Eun-soo Kim, Korean - Pilot

"The teachers were really good and they were so flexible with the class times. If I was away on work then I could easily fit in a class and Aviation English Club were really good at being flexible for me. Now I am booking 10 unit course to get the discount and I can still be flexible with my time."

Wataru Yamamoto, Japanese - Trainee ATC

"I love studying with Aviation English Club! I even visited their school in Osaka when I went there for a holiday to Universial Studios Japan. When I was there I had a class face to face with one of their teachers instead of using the internet. It was fun but the internet is much more convenient."

María Hernandez, Spanish - Trainee Pilot

"I really needed to study English hard because I was not so good. But next year I have to take the English test so I found Aviation English Club on the internet. They were really good as I didn't have much money. So I bought a 10 unit course which saved me money."


Angie Sánchez, Colombian - ATC

"The best thing about Aviation English Club is their flexibility. I have to work at all different times. So I would contact them and just agree on a suitable time for a class. It was really easy to do and the classes were a lot of fun. But sometimes difficult in the listening sections. But that's okay as the teachers really helped me."

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