It is vital that any testing provider has experience in assessing the language proficiency and progress of aviation professionals, including using the ICAO Rating Scale and Holistic Descriptors.

It is also essential that the test you are taking is valid for your countries individual accreditation in the field of aviation services and is compliant with the ICAO guidelines.

There are any number of tests available to aviation professionals, but it is important to note that these tests have different gaols and use different methods in assessing your English language skills.

Placement Testing: This is your first step in assessing your language skills and deciding which  training program is best for you. Results from placement tests can be used to evaluate and establish goals for pilots, air traffic controllers and all other aviation professionals.

ICAO Proficiency Testing for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers: These tests correspond to the ICAO Rating Scale from L1 ~ L6 and test pilots, air traffic controllers and senior managers based on the ICAO Rating Scale and Holistic Descriptors from ICAO Document 9835 'Manual on the Implementation of Language Proficiency Requirements'.

To look at the document click the following link:  DOC_9835_second_edition_2010.pdf

Proficiency Testing for other Aviation Professionals: For aviation professionals that are not required to be rated according to the ICAO Rating Scale — e.g. airport staff, maintenance technicians, flight attendants, dispatchers, managers, airport security and other aviation professionals.

Aviation English Club is proud to announce a new service to all aspiring aviation professionals in the area of English language to meet the ICAO English language proficiency descriptors.

Take the opportunity to have a preliminary placement with one of our qualified instructors from anywhere in the world.

All candidates are interviewed one to one on the internet and will be given a full review of how they are placed in regards to the ICAO proficiency descriptors.

To participate in a test,a small fee of only ¥6,000 is all that is necessary to pay.

Aviation English Clubs mission is to deliver high-quality Aviation English training, testing, and consultancy to airlines, air navigation service providers, and aviation training organisations around the world.

So take your opportunity to test your level 4 aviation English language skills before you take the real thing.

Are you ready for ICAO Level 4?

Contact Aviation English Club today for a preliminary aviation English test to assess your proficiency level.


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